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From the archive of historical photos, we begin with the paddle steamer Skibladner, or the white swan of Mjøsa, as the Norwegians call her.

PS Skibladner – the White Swan of Mjøsa

This beautiful vessel – the PS Skibladner – is the oldest and only remaining Norwegian paddle steamer still in operation. The Norwegians know her as “The White Swan of Mjøsa” – Mjøsa being Norway’s largest lake. She is named after Skíðblaðnir, the ship of Frey in Norse mythology.

During the summer months, the ship sails between Eidsvoll, Hamar, Gjøvik, and Lillehammer. Her maiden voyage was on 2 August 1856, and she was built in Motala, Sweden, and transported to the lake of Mjøsa in sections.

The photo is taken close to Hamar, Hedmark, Norway in 1912.

Main photo: Domkirkeodden – 0401-00085 – public domain.

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